Understanding Blind Spot Monitors

Your car comes with both rear and side view mirrors, but even those cannot properly display what's going on in traffic around you. Blind spots pose a safety risk that shoulder checks can't adequately solve, as cars can move into position around you in an instant. Blind spot monitors seek to eliminate the chance of an accident posed by gaps in your ability to see surrounding traffic.

Using state-of-the-art radar technology, today's vehicles can monitor not only traffic in front and behind, but also to each side, where the risk of a vehicle entering a blind spot is greatest. Cameras, sonar and radar all constantly monitor traffic and sound an alarm if you intend to change lanes and a car is there.

If you'd like to test drive a vehicle that incorporates blind spot monitoring into its array of features, drop by Puente Hills Ford to see our full lineup of automobiles with this new safety measure.



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