The Ford Super Duty Has Design Elements That Simplify Towing

The Ford Super Duty is designed with a frame that distributes weight strategically. When compared to previous Super Duty trucks, the current option is 350 pounds lighter. Although the frame is updated, the new Super Duty still tows cargo efficiently because the lighter material is much stiffer.

Both of these design elements make the Ford Super Duty a practical truck for towing routines. You can haul an ATV, a boat, or a dirt bike confidently on a trailer using a Super Duty since it has a 7,640-pound payload rating. In order to give consumers options during towing routines, Ford engineers included many convenient tools that work well together. The top options include LED lights, a bright lamp, and a power-locking tailgate.

If you're looking for a Ford Super Duty in City of Industry, CA, you'll find it for sale at Puente Hills Ford. This truck is a practical product for everyday towing situations and commercial jobs.

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