Ford Fusion Hybrid Design Features

Daily commutes are worse with traffic and a car you despise. Unfortunately, traffic is sometimes a given, but you can switch up the car with a gas-electric version like the Ford Fusion Hybrid. This is the kind of sedan you could fall in love with. With a sleek shine and a curvaceous design, the Hybrid is a popular go-green favorite in City of Industry, CA. It comes with an eco-smart gauge that gifts you with green LCD leaves as you save energy.

Exterior benefits to owning a Ford Fusion Hybrid include LED tail lamps and automatic high beams, both to help you navigate dark road conditions or inclement weather. Another popular feature is the optional front license plate bracket that allows you to customize your Hybrid to match your drive style.

Would a gas-electric vehicle like the Ford Fusion Hybrid suit your lifestyle? You never know until you try. Stop by Puente Hills Ford to take one of our hybrids for a test drive.

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