Ford Flex Convenience Features

The Ford Flex is now for sale at our dealership and we are excited about its arrival. The Flex is perfect for driving who require additional space but does not want an SUV. The Ford can seat seven passengers, has great entertainment features, and the Flex has great safety and entertainment features.

Listening to music is easy in the Ford Flex. In fact, the Flex gives drivers the option to choose from multiple music options. Passengers and drivers of the Flex can choose from MP3, HD, FM, AM, and Sirius XM has entertainment options. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also options in the Ford Flex.

The Ford Flex is a very safe vehicle. The Flex has received a perfect score from national safety rating companies. The Flex comes standard with plush wheels that make it easy to commute through harsh weather conditions. Overall the Flex is a great vehicle.

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